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GOOVIS Astigmatic Lens (Customization Only)

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Custom Accessories: The Lens is produced at the GOOVIS official factory. Ultra HD imaging.
Enhance Experience: Say goodbye to astigmatism, say goodbye to blur. Optimize your VR experience without wearing astigmatic goggles.
Protector: Prevent collision friction between astigmatic goggles and VR lenses, Blocking Sweat And Dust.
Easy To Install and remove: Directly mounted on the VR lens.
Material: Optical Glass.                                                                               

GOOVIS Headset supports nearsighted between 0 ~ -8.00 D and farsighted between 0~ +3.00D.

Contact us directly if you need customized Prescription Lens.

For extra ASTIGMATIC LENS, we need your information from both your eyes.