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Q: Do I need to wear glasses for myopia ?

A: No. No need any glasses for the myopia. GOOVIS can support far—sighted to +3D or near—sighted to —8D, you can take off your glasses to enjoy super clear images and immerse yourself into your private virtual world.


Q: Can I have customized astigmatism lenses for Pro or Young ? If can ,how can I order them?

A: Yes. Please order astigmatism lenses in our store, and  contact us and send your eye information to goovishw@nedoptics.com.cn ,we can make your own astigmatism lenses for you within 1 week .


Q: If wearing a long time feel dizzy or not ?

A: No dizzy feeling at all. Due to the lightweight design, two AMOLED screens, less blue light, a distance of 66 feet (20 meters), relieving fatigue, GOOVIS can protect your eyes and help your eyes to relax.


Q: What is the resolution ?

A:  GOOVIS Pro /Young/G2(2021) uses dual 2K (1 920*1080) OLED micro displays, providing image quality as good as 4K display. For most 4K devices, the filling factor (ratio of active imaging area to the whole pixel area) of each image pixel is less than 60%. For Pro/Young/G2(2021) the filling factor is as large as 90%.

Q: Is there a warranty period? How long?

A: For the main body we can keep one year for the warranty period, for the accessories ,3 month warranty , the starting time from the buying date, please note, thanks a lot.


Q: What are the characteristics of Goovis?

A:1.High definition,IMAX Theater Experience,Immersive and realistic,Compelling 3D experience,3147PPI.

2.Eye protection,no need to wear glasses ,Diopter adjustment range:+3D hyperopia to -8D myopia.

3.Multi applications:Connecting  gaming devices and immerse yourself in everything from your PS4 to your Nintendo Switch and so on .

4.Light Weight ,Headset only 200g,Dizziness free , Distortion <1.5%


Q: What are the Goovis applications?

A: In addition to watching movies, Goovis can also play games, connect computers, PlayStation, switch, Xbox, PS4, Drone,etc. to play games, or connect mobile phones to play games and watch movies; they can also be used for teaching, watching teaching videos and watching live broadcast; they can also be connected to UAVs. Many uses.


Q:  What is the difference between GOOVIS and the traditional VR ?

A:Goovis is a headwear cinema that pursues higher definition viewing experience, which is different from VR glasses in pursuit of immersion.It takes definition (PPD) as the first priority index, and pursues high definition, high contrast, better color, picture hierarchy and display effect, so as to achieve or even surpass the picture effect of real cinema. Due to the physiological characteristics of human eyes, the field of view should not exceed 60 degrees.VR glasses pursue immersion, and immersion requires a large field of view, so the field of view of VR glasses is mostly in the range of 90-110 degrees. Due to the limitation of available screen pixels, the definition (PPD) of VR glasses is generally low, less than 20, and the graininess is obvious. It will cause eye fatigue quickly when used for viewing films, which is not suitable for long-term viewing.